ACWC 2023

The Goodness of God

the key to the good life

This year’s speaker is

Jess Sheely

Hi ladies! 

Once again, it’s a joyful task to invite you to join us for this year’s Women’s Convention. 

This year the lovely Jess Sheely will be joining us, to talk about God’s goodness, and how that is the key to the good life. Through the Old Testament, we will explore what God’s goodness is, and what that means to our lives today. 

The convention will be held at Wagga Road on May 6th, from 9am until 3.30pm.
The bookings are open and tickets can be obtained by using the link provided below.

Also, don’t forget to invite your friends too!

Conference info:


Date:              6th May 2023

Time:              9am – 3.30pm

Bookings:       open March 5th